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LC-MS 1000 Liquid chromatographs – Mass Spectrometer
 LC-MS is one of the top analysis instruments. Liquid chromatographs separate organic chemicals in liquid. Mass spectrometers analyze separated chemicals one by one. Information of molecular weight, structure (in some cases) and quantity come out from MS. The powerful API (Atmospheric Pressure Ionization) techniques including ESI (Electrospray Ionization) and APCI (Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization) make spectra simple and easy to analyze. LC-MS is widely used in food industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, forensics, research institutes, universities and so on.

Technical Specifications
  • fast scan speed (up to 10,000 amu/s in centroid mode),
  • wide scan range (10-1100 amu)
  • high sensitivity (10 pg reserpine, S/N≥50: 1),
  • positive/negative ion mode switch
  • all-in-one software
  • powerful auto tune and calibration
  • multi- language options for user interface
Advanced features
  • Skyray Instrument is the first IPO company in domestic analytical instrument companies. We have severed analysis instrument market for twenty years without break and provide best quality instruments and services for our customers.
  • LC-MS1000 has six patents and is another high quality products for analysis instrument market.
  • LC-MS1000 system is equipped with a LC310 high-pressure pump, a constant temperature chamber, an autosampler (optional), a UV detector (optional) and an MS detector. The MS detector is equipped with an ESI ionizer or an APCI ionzier (optional). Users can switch from one detector to another one easily or use UV detector and MS simultaneously (with proper split method).