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  1. EDXRF - Energy Dispersive XRF

    Skyray's Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescent Spectrometer are highly precise and cost effective. Skyray Engineers all its products to the highest quality and precision. Energy Dispersive XRF spectrometers are good for analysis in a wide range of industries. They can test elements ranging from Sodium to Uranium. (81 Elements Total) The great thing about EDXRF Spectrometers is that when testing a sample, the tests are very fast, usually 20 - 60 seconds, and the tests are non-destructive.

  2. WDXRF - Wavelength Dispersive XRF

    WDX 400 Compact Multi-channel X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer features for 10 fixed light diffraction channels, with 10 arbitrary elements defined by the users from Na to U being analyzed simultaneously. The standard ten elements configuration is Na, Mg, Al, Si, S, Cl, K, Ca, Fe, P or Ti(optional). The instrument is an ideal quality control choice for large and medium-sized enterprises. Higher X-ray power, higher measurement precision, more stable measurement data, higher excitation efficiency, lower limit of detection

  3. Thickness

    Thickness Analysis incorporates Skyray’s many years in plating thickness measurement with full-auto software operation, multi-point testing, software controlling the instrument and movable platform. It is a powerful instrument equipped with special software and widely applied in plating industries.

  4. On-Stream-Slurry Analysis

    XFR On-stream Slurry Analyzer (OSA100), a large scale on-line concentration monitoring analyzer of integration of optic and machinery can be widely applied in such industries as non-ferrous metal, metallurgy and mineral processing. The analyzer has the advantage of automation, high intelligent, stable working, reliability, speed analysis, accuracy and easy operation and maintenance. The system combined with high integration function, compact structure and wide flow channel expansion can satisfy the analysis needs of different scale mine users by adopting modular design conception. Furthermore, it can participate in process automation control.

  5. Portable Heavy Metal Analysis

    HM series portable analyzer is a new model for on the authority-approved standard method, anodic stripping voltammetry (ASV)/Colorimetric method which features low cost and high precision and are replacing traditional atomic absorption method in Europe and USA. It is widely applied on on-site environment detection, tap water detection, waste water testing of electroplate and surface processing industries, waste water monitoring of food, medicines, and hospitals. American EPA and other authorities have listed this method, such as EPA7063 and 747..